Our Services

Health Policy planning, financing and insurance restructuring

HPI works with stakeholders to research and define structural challenges to health care delivery and financing systems

Since 2017, the HPI has established the Health Reforms Observatory, which surveys on a rolling basis general public awareness and attitudes towards health reforms and their outcomes in Greece.

Health Policy planning, financing and health insurance restructuring

Our expertise includes: 

  • Territorial analysis of health care services coverage
  • Optimization of care delivery options
  • Operational modeling of new care services
  • Integration of innovative technologies in care delivery processes
  • Assessment of funding and reimbursement options
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of health investment plans


Together with our network collaborators we support clinical audit and quality assurance (International Certification) of health services provision.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

HPI deploys highly specialized teams to help address current pharmaceutical reimbursement challenges.

Challenges include:

  • HTA dossier preparation
  • Cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) models and technical reports
  • Budget impact analysis (BIA) models and technical reports
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Cost of illness studies
  • Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs) for comparative analysis

Patient and general population surveys

HPI works with a number of different patient organisations and research partners to investigate living conditions and access to healthcare for specific patient groups, but also the general population.

In line with our strategic goal, HPI has a track record of working with and through patient organisations to research, model and present evidence on patient access to care, patient quality of life, patient preferences and patient participation in health policy decision making.

Strategic Marketing Support

HPI designs and supports the implementation of integrated strategic marketing projects with an emphasis in therapeutic areas where a multi-disciplinary approach to product launch is required.

Services in this area may include population and patient surveys, definition and quantification of evidence-based public health unmet need, definition and validation of launch key value drivers, research in health system structure and organization optimization, support with definition of optimal patient pathway to care etc.

Patient Empowerment & Health Democracy

An annual survey to research and map Greek citizens’ attitudes towards health  and assessment of healthcare services

We create an annual report that outlines the findings of each annual survey, while comparing year-to-year changes in attitudes.

The report offers insights on the current state of health, use of healthcare services, use of pharmaceutical products, perceptions on access to healthcare services, financial status and healthcare financial burden and satisfaction with the healthcare system and services.

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