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About us

The Health Policy Institute (HPI) was established in 2015. We have since worked with academia and stakeholder organisations to research and develop evidence-based approaches to key health policy challenges.

Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise are health policy planning, health financing, health insurance restructuring, health technology assessment, patient (empowerment and preference) surveys, general population health surveys, access to care surveys, strategic marketing support.

The HPI Approach

We apply a multidisciplinary approach to project definition, management and delivery that enables cross functional collaboration to optimize results.

the hpi approach

HPI’s Policies

Health Policy Institute is committed to maintaining high quality level of impartial and reliable services, in order to to safeguard information integrity and security, as well as satisfied customers, by conducting scientific consultancy projects, financial surveys related to medical technology and pharmaceutical assessments, other scientific surveys and activities, in accordance with HPI core values, goals and mission. You can find our Policies below:
* HPI’s Quality Policy
* HPI’s Anti-bribery Anti-fraud Policy
* HPI’s Information Security Policy
* HPI’s Inclusion & Diversity for Supplier Diversity Policy

* HPI’s Complaints Management Policy

* HPI’s Cookies, Private and GDPR Policy